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Rabbit Bites

Rabbit Bites

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Introducing Wonder Petz Rabbit Bites: a wholesome and nutritious treat tailored to your pet's primal cravings. Crafted using the 80/10/10 prey model, our treats boast an optimal blend of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organs, mirroring their ancestral diet for ultimate well-being.

Each 3 oz. bag of Rabbit Bites encapsulates our dedication to quality. Sourced from reputable suppliers, these treats are carefully prepared to preserve the natural flavors and nutrients. The high meat content provides a protein-packed snack, while the inclusion of bone and organs contributes to a balanced nutritional profile.

Whether you're using them for training, rewarding good behavior, or showing your pet some love, Wonder Petz Rabbit Bites offer a wholesome solution. Made with transparency and integrity, our treats ensure your furry companion enjoys the benefits of a species-appropriate diet. Elevate their snack time with the goodness of Rabbit Bites, and witness the joy they bring to your pet's palate and overall health.
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