About Us

Hello there! I'm Isabelle McGrath, the proud owner and CEO of Wonder Petz Treats. Let me take you on a journey through my life and passions.

Life threw me a curveball when I became a single mom at the age of 15. Determined to create a better life for my son and myself, I embarked on an inspiring journey. Putting myself through college, university, and graduate school while raising my child, I learned the true meaning of hard work and perseverance.

For the past 10 years, I've been dedicated to special education as a teacher. Working with children with diverse needs has shaped my outlook on life and taught me the value of inclusivity, empathy, and understanding.

As a lifelong pet enthusiast, I believe that our furbaby's deserve the absolute best. They are our children too! When I adopted Finn in 2021, I had a bag of Blue Buffalo dog food and some training treats and thought we were going to be good to go. The very next day he started exhibiting severe stomach problems and this followed us for the next six months.

He was underweight and so miserable. The veterinarian would make the recommendation to feed him plain chicken and rice and then return to a new brand of kibble. Each and every time I started feeding him kibble again he exhibited those same digestive issues. To top it off I could not find any treats that weren't loaded with sugar and carbs so I felt very defeated. I know he had had enough and I did too so I took matters into my own hands and began crafting all of his food myself. He became my Wonder Finn and Wonder Petz was born! 

With a deep passion for animals and a commitment to their well-being, I founded Wonder Petz Treats. This venture is not just a business; it's a journey to create a community of like-minded pet lovers who share the joy of providing the best for our furbaby's. The WP team is comprised of myself and my son who is now 17 years old! We manage all the social, manufacture each batch of treats ourselves, package, design, provide customer support, and have became complete whiz's at multitasking! 

My vision for Wonder Petz Treats is to offer species-appropriate, affordable, and delightful treats that enrich the lives of pets and their parents. I'm dedicated to building a brand that stands for quality, health, and happiness. Through this journey, I aspire to create a haven where pet enthusiasts can connect, learn, and celebrate the wonders of having pets in our lives.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I'm excited to have you as part of the Wonder Petz family! Feel free to explore our treats, engage with our community via Instagram and Tiktok, and share in the joy of celebrating our wonderful pets, one wonderful treat at a time. 


Isabelle McGrath Owner & CEO,

Wonder Petz Treats