Answers to some common questions. Have a question that is not listed? Just send us a message

What is the processing time for orders? 1-3 days, not including Holidays and Weekends

When will my order ship? We ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after your order is processed.

What happens if my package has missing items? I'm so sorry this happened to you, we are only human after all so mistakes occur. Please just send us an email to: info@wonderpetztreats.com letting us know what's missing along with a photo, so we can get it corrected and shipped out to you.

Do you offer collabs? Stay tuned to our instagram (@wonderpetztreats) page in January 2024 for information on a new affiliate program! Most of our affiliates are prior customers and active on social media.

What if I have a request for a treat you don't currently have? Don't hesitate to let us know! We have some treats that remain all year but we do try to do limited runs of chews and novel proteins.