Ultimate Treat Showdown - The Canine Treat Hierarchy

Ultimate Treat Showdown - The Canine Treat Hierarchy

I took Dunkin to the park when he was 16 weeks old and he was petrified. I never leave home without my training bag full of treats so I thought we would be ready to go. Little did I know my baby was terrified of the big world! I tried his kibble and he completely ignored it. Pulled out our trusty Chicken & Apple Training Treats & he could have cared less! My last resort was our Venison Bites, he was sold. We were able to build up his confidence enough to begin sniffing and walking around instead of cowering in the corner. 

Let's look at this treat hierarchy that I pulled out of my bag and see which is best for your training sessions!

**Tier 1: Low-Value Treats - A Paws & Cons Perspective**

We all know them well – those kibbles that make up your pet's regular meals. From kibble to dehydrated and freeze-dried food, these low-value treats serve a purpose, offering sustenance and meeting nutritional needs. But let's be honest, they're not exactly the highlight of your pet's day!

**Tier 2: Mid-Value Treats - Training Temptations**

Enter the mid-value treats! These are the unsung heroes of training sessions, making the learning process fun and rewarding. While some might contain a bit of filler to create a chewy texture, they're perfect for practicing commands and reinforcing good behavior. Our Peanut Butter Jelly Treats are a staple in our training sessions!

**Tier 3: High-Value Treats - Culinary Extravaganza**

Now, brace yourselves for the canine equivalent of gourmet delights – the high-value treats! These single ingredient, protein-packed powerhouses are a true game-changer. The aroma is irresistible, the taste is divine, and the protein content is off the charts. Think of them as your furry friend's ultimate incentive for extraordinary feats! From rabbit bites to quail bites, these are the treats that will have your pup drooling! "Why high-smell, good-taste, 100% protein?" you ask. Because they're the Ferrari of treats, the reward that trumps all others. Perfect for teaching complex tricks, mastering advanced commands, or simply saying "I love you" in dog language.

So, which tier wins the ultimate treat showdown? Well, it's all about balance, just like in any food pyramid. Use low-value kibbles to keep things consistent, mid-value treats for training and bonding, and high-value delights for those moments when only the best will do. 

**Pro Tip**: Rotate these tiers to keep your pup engaged and excited during training sessions, or simply to show your appreciation for their endless loyalty.

Ready to unleash the treat trifecta on your furbaby!?

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